After a decade living in Colorado and a year on the road, Spencer and Joy Brown settled in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Recognizing the need for a local climbing shoe resoler in the vibrant southeastern climbing community, Spencer began devoting nights and rainy weekends to learning the art of resoling. 

In the corner of a small rental house, Sole Slingers Resoles was born. With improvised equipment an a lot of determination, Spencer focused on giving his own and his friends’ shoes fresh edges with as little delamination as humanly possible. 

A lot of practice, two kids, and a new workshop later, Sole Slingers Resoles has become an essential resource for Chattanooga climbers. Need a resole? Get your shoes to Sole Slingers. 

Having climbed on their own resoles for years, Sole Slingers Resoles is taking their business national. Give them your tired, your holey, your worn out shoes and they’ll return them ready to send the gnar.


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